Enetstorage divisions & Activities:


1.     Cloud Based File Sharing & Data Backups

2.     Managed Shared Hosting

3.     Managed VPS Hosting

4.     Managed Dedicated Hosting

5.     Customized Cloud Based Software Development

6.     Customized Website Development

7.     Domain Registrations, Transfers & Renewals


About Enetstorage.com:

Enetstorage delivers online cloud storage services to millions of individuals, businesses and enterprise-level users. Our goal is to provide users with a convenient and reliable way to better manage their data from virtually anywhere, at any time.

For companies who use our Cloud Storage with us:

We provide the following features at Enetstorage.com:


·         User level management and the “administrator” of the company can manage files which can be shown or hidden from sub users.


·   Each company administrator control panel to manage sub users.


·   Unlimited free sub users which can be created by the admin as and when required.


·   Create a company network on Enetstorage.com and share files between sub users or admin of the company.


·  There is no limit of adding sub user accounts and

    each sub user account can have its individual username & password along with his/her individually allocated space.


·         Send large files via email even if the user is not using our website.


·         A single file may occupy your whole account i.e. there is no file size limitation.


·         For more information and queries please visit our FAQ page at https://www.enetstorage.com/faq .



Enetstorage.com is the solution to meet all your computing requirements. No matter if it is from building software to Cloud storage or Hardware, we are always glad to assist you.


About Enetstorage Hosting Services:

We provide all the 3 types of hosting to our precious customers i.e. Shared, VPS & Dedicated.

The following are the key benefits for purchasing hosting from us:

1.     Completely managed hosting services.

2.     24 X 7 support all over the globe.

3.     We do not compromise on technology and always upgrade our hardware to provide you with best services.

4.     We also manage the servers completely FREE of cost for you.

5.     We transfer email accounts, websites, domain names etc at Zero Cost.

6.     We also make sure all the plugins which are required by your software/website is available at our servers.


About Enetstorage Software Development:

We provide a completely customized software solution which matches your exact requirement. We build each software from scratch according to your requirements.

The following are the key benefits for our software:

1.     Cloud based solution.

2.     No need to choose from the software which is already ready with us.

3.     Small sized software and can be installed anywhere.

4.     No need to back up your data, We do that for you.

5.     24 X 7 Support all over the globe.

6.     User-friendly.

7.     Completely customized design as per your requirement.

All softwares developed by Enetstorage Team contain 1 year of Free Warranty and life time support.

About Enetstorage Website Development:

We make websites for anybody i.e. individuals/small businesses/medium businesses/large organizations. We build website from 1 page to unlimited number of pages.


The key features we provide for our clients who develop website with us:

1.     We provide a large number of templates so that our clients can choose easily from any of them or they could even provide us a template and we would love to work on that to make it even more better and attractive.

2.     As we have all the services required by a website from development till hosting the website, our clients just need to provide us the contents of the website and we will do the rest of the work for you.

3.     After development we would be glad to provide you 24 X 7 support so that your website doesn’t face any problem/downtime.

4.     We also provide managed shared hosting so that in case your email accounts stop working we are always there to get them back in minutes.


Try any of our service and we provide guarantee that you will not be disappointed. We would be glad to help you out with any other computer related issues. You may contact us on the following email ids:

We have the following email ids for assisting you 24x7:


Administrator ID: admin@enetstorage.com


Support Department ID: support@enetstorage.com


Sales Department ID: sales@enetstorage.com


Advertisement Department ID: adv@enetstorage.com


Please feel free to contact us anytime.


For companies residing in Gulf Countries, please feel free to contact us on

+968-95510042 for more information.

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Lets move
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